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Safety Tips for Blind Dating

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These days, going on a blind date is like playing a form of socialized Russian roulette. Whether you were set up by a close personal friend or family member, or you were introduced through online interaction, blind dating can be dangerous if you are not careful to take the proper precautions. Fortunately there are a number of blind dating tips that you can follow to ensure your safety.


Involve the person that set you up on your first date.


When you head out on your first blind date, it is always a good idea to involve the person that set you up in the first place. This person obviously felt you were right for one another so they should be there for moral support.


Know your blind date ahead of time.  


With today’s Internet accessibility, there is absolutely no reason why anybody should go into a blind date totally blind. It takes about 5 seconds to Google someone’s name and find out some information. You also should dig deeply with your friends that set you up. Try to learn as much as you possibly can before you actually go out.


Have several phone calls to get to know them first.


While talking on the phone will not be absolutely foolproof, it is infinitely better than heading into a blind date cold turkey. It is not uncommon to discover that your blind date is a complete jerk with simple telephone interaction.

Make the first several blind dates group affairs.

When you first start going on your blind dates, involve as many of your friends as possible. At a minimum, you should have another couple along for the ride in the beginning.

Do not reveal where you live right away.

Until you’re absolutely certain that your new blind date is not a serial killer, you should keep your home address to yourself. There is absolutely no reason to give out that information until you feel comfortable and it could save your life.

Pick a public location where there are plenty of people.

If you are out in the middle of a public mall or restaurant, then you do not have to worry as much about unwanted advances. Going public in the beginning is the safest bet on blind dates.

Bring your own transportation.

Because you are meeting your blind date in a public place, bringing your own car should not be a problem. Regardless of how many people are attending the date, having your own car is imperative in the beginning.

Tell several people where you are going and what you are doing.

Once you have planned your date ahead of time, let several of your friends and family in on every detail. Make sure they know where you are going and when, as well as how long you plan to be there. In the horrible event that something went wrong, they would know where to look.

Bring along your cell phone and update as you go.

Having a cell phone on your blind date is absolutely vital. Occasionally excuse yourself to the restroom and send over updates to your emergency contact. Your emergency contact should be available to you throughout your blind date and capable of coming to help at any time.

Leave the alcohol alone and never leave your drink unattended.

Unfortunately, date rape happens all the time. While having a few drinks may seem innocent enough, it is a very bad idea on a blind date. Not having your full wits about you could truly put you in danger.

Trust your gut feelings.

If at any point during the blind date you start to feel uncomfortable, excuse yourself and contact help. Gut feelings may not be scientific, but they are often spot on. Always trust your instincts and err on the side of caution.

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