This site is all about Dating Safety.

Here up’ll find articles full of safety tips for dating, guidelines and advice concerning dating and romantic relationships, and information specifically for online dating and how to date using websites safely. Meeting new people for romance is easier than ever due to the help of the web, but to use dating services without compromising your privacy or well-being requires some precaution. Here, you can learn how to enjoy dating and meeting with simple care — and steer yourself clear of many undesirable situations. We also offer help to recognize red flags in relationships, and how to deal with certain uncomfortable or unforeseen dating situations.

— If you’ve wondered what makes a good and safe dating website, we offer a list of features.
— If you need to know what information you should and shouldn’t offer right away to a date online, or one in real life, we have a list to tell you.
— We suggest what places are safest for first dates, and a checklist to remember before you go.
— On our Resources Page, you’ll find where to go to report abuse or other problematic behavior on the major dating sites, or to get other help.
— We offer you common-sense precautions on how to conduct yourself during a date, how to end a date — or how to end a relationship, especially one that caused you concern.

By remembering how others should behave towards us — with respect and consideration, in other words — we are more likely to protect ourselves and even become more thoughtful, better romantic prospects to anyone.